Politics and the Workplace – Employers, Do You Have a Policy?

November 03, 2020

By: Chris Gantt-Sorenson and Perry MacLennan

Employers and human resource professionals find themselves increasingly dealing with workplace strife caused by political and societal differences. When society is polarized on politics, so too are employees.

Six Questions to Ask When Your Vendor, Supplier, or Customer Files Bankruptcy

October 28, 2020

After almost eighth months of dealing with the severe economic impact of COVID-19, it is not surprising that more and more businesses are turning to bankruptcy for relief. Commercial filings continue to rise as many government-backed programs expire and the lasting effects of COVID-19 take hold. For many corporate counsel, interactions with bankruptcy may be limited, but how you respond to a vendor, supplier, or customer bankruptcy after a filing can have a significant impact on your company’s ability to mitigate its losses and avoid liability.

Agricultural Rollback Taxes Rules Have Changed

October 20, 2020

Effective January 1, 2021, rollback taxes on real property converted from agricultural use to some other use will be imposed in the year of change in use and the three (3) preceding years.

Redemption Period Extended for Another Year for 2019 Tax Sales

October 05, 2020

On September 30, House Bill 3755 was enacted into law.  House Bill 3755 amends certain provisions of South Carolina law governing automobile insurance, but at the very end, this bill also includes a provision that extends the one-year statutory redemption period for 2019 tax sales by another 12 months. 

Employers, Is Your Workplace Diverse and Inclusive? Considerations to Help End Workplace Inequity.

September 15, 2020

An accepting workplace reflects diversity and honors differences. Intolerance of minorities and differences continues to be evident in society and, thus, will also be present in workplaces.  Businesses remain behind societal trends as a general rule. 

Fourth Circuit Limits Modifications to Chapter 13 Plans

September 01, 2020

The Fourth Circuit stands alone currently as the only circuit requiring unanticipated, changed circumstances in order to modify a confirmed Chapter 13 Plan. 

Property Tax Relief Available for Those Who Missed the January 31st Filing Deadline

September 01, 2020

The sale of real property and certain other transactions in South Carolina subjects the real property to a reassessment for ad valorem property tax purposes (an “assessable transfer”). This reassessment of real property can create a significant increase in the value of the property for ad valorem property tax purposes if the property had been held by the seller for a long period of time at a much lower value.

South Carolina Court of Appeals Reverses Trial Court Ruling Permitting Class Action Arbitration Against Automobile Dealer

August 26, 2020

Automobile dealers and other businesses often employ arbitration agreements in contracts with their customers. One recurring question about these arbitration agreements is whether they permit class action arbitration or instead only allow for individual arbitration – especially where a particular arbitration agreement is silent regarding class arbitration. The difference can be significant. In a class arbitration, hundreds or thousands of claims can be adjudicated in a single proceeding, and, if an award results against the dealership or business, the size of the award naturally increases dramatically.

HSB August COVID-19 Update for Employers

August 17, 2020

On August 25, HSB’s Employment Law team provided an update via webinar on COVID-19’s continued impact on SC employers.

Are incentives for mixed-use developments legitimate?

August 06, 2020

For some time now, questions have hovered over a certain kind of incentive deal. Where most agree that it’s fine to use incentives for manufacturers, distribution centers or corporate headquarters, what about large-scale mixed-use real estate developments? In particular, what if part of the project rents apartments?
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