Portfolio Analysis & Strategy

The IP team at Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd provides expert advice and counsel in the field of intellectual property, enabling our clients to make well-reasoned and informed business decisions based on market risk, competitive position, profit and loss, and technology and product strategy.

For example, we often perform prior art investigations, claims analyses, and technology assessments to identify where our clients’ products, services, and intellectual property are positioned relative to their competitors. Our IP attorneys work hand-in-hand with our client’s key innovators and technical staff to harvest new inventions and elicit novel features of the invention—strengthening patentability and optimizing the client's patent portfolio.

We also counsel our clients on the most efficient and effective ways to maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolio, working with a number of third party appraisers and valuation experts to assist clients gaining more knowledge about their intellectual property. Our clients count on the Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd IP attorneys to advise them on ways to enhance their portfolio to protect existing and developmental product lines from encroachment by a competitor, as well as technology and intellectual property strategies that may enable market penetration without infringement on a competitor’s intellectual property.

Our firm's IP attorneys perform portfolio audits and analyses to help our clients to develop portfolio strategies, facilitate a merger or acquisition, raise capital or enable the purchase or sale of intellectual property.